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Devin Consulting builds its good standing through its effective connection and involvement to the design and engineering field that focuses on using technology as a tool in giving the latest conveniences to pool and spa amenities. This particular swimming pools and spas consulting company had gained the trust of a lot of professional individuals and organizations in delivering great facilities to their respective regions that later on provides a huge benefit to the people.

Devin Spa Consultants was lately selected by Clongowes Wood College to take care of changing their old swimming pool to a new one. The old pool was built in 1887 and named as the first indoor swimming pool in Ireland. Being chosen by one of the respected colleges in the country is something to be proud of according to the company.

The college puts their faith in the company to build a new pool using its trusted capability, so Devin Consulting in return works hard to provide the results the school is hoping for. Their inclusion in the history of Clongowes Wood College is definitely something to take pride in.

The project targets to help young Irish youths and other people from nearby places as well to improve their physical and mental health through competitive sports like swimming. The pool will act as an instrument for them to attain such goal. Stress is often times a magnet to most college students and even though it might do them a little, this place could also be their source of rest and recreation.

Shazad Khan, the project engineer of Devin Consulting, finds the school grounds amazing along with its historical building every time he visits the place to manage the pool works. Clongowes Wood College is also the second home of famous personalities and had been a place that witnessed their abilities – some of them are the author James Joyce, Ryanair founder Michael O Leary, and Nick Hewer of The Apprentice.

Each nation should secure its cultural heritage and take care of its value. Putting huge importance to our past is essential, but we shouldn’t shrug shoulders to modern tools and ideas. People should understand that change is constant and that we should keep up with the time to continue improving lives and organizations to their highest potentials.

Devin Consulting stays abreast to the recent conveniences on swimming pools and spas to ensure that they would deliver the best for each client. The company uses its expertise to improve the current facilities of the clients.



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