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A newly married couple get into a new relationship, an agreement, a bond, a willingness to live together or it can be called by several names, a beginning of new life. You never know when your tag gets changed and you will declare as “A Married Couple”. It is true that sudden engagement or marriage gives no time to couple to be together, but thanks to Honeymoon which gives you special days for sharing mutual affection, it is a time when couples share lots of memories, feelings, thousands of thoughts.

We go for honeymoon for once in lifetime affair and as time passes your memories titivated on your walls or your bedroom. So, if you are going for honeymoon, then your next destination must be Cairns, a city in Queensland, Australia.

Go for amazing holiday destination with full ready bags and fly away, book a hotel room with balcony with space and start your day kissing each other like you invented it. All the facilities are provided to you which are available in the city, so get ready for refreshment and prepare yourself to spend your day time in natural beautiful places of city. All the creative work has been taken care by mother nature and when you are so close to such breathtaking landscape it will not easy to resist from another lip-lock.

There are numerous attractions in Cairns Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Cape Tribulation where every single second spent will be worth a lifetime. This king of tourist attractions gives you lots of memories to that you will like to keep for generations to come.

When you have already enjoyed your day it’s a time to get back to your hotel room and you will surely love to grab a cup of coffee and relax while spending a few romantic moments in each other's arms. You can see the moon just right from the window, its time begins to heat up the hotel room and your honeymoon will be more romantic by loving each other in many different ways.

Now let's get back to the beginning of your day-1, you are at balcony of hotel room where you can see the beautiful sunset, the crystal-clear water which has wonderful defalcation of sky, it is the best feeling of togetherness, you can get here in Cairns City Palms.





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