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Westward Pub Holdings Management Services Ltd wants to help you in running your own pub with their simple tips provided below.


You must promote your pub so that people will continue coming into your pub. Customers love specials and discounts so might as well offer some to them. With the power of the internet nowadays comes the massive force of social media. You must use those platforms to your advantage. You can post your pub’s activities into its social media accounts and post your offered special discounts there.


If needed, you should be prepared in making changes to your menu after you assess your food and drink options. A lot of people expect to eat traditional British pub food at a pub so you should also consider it. If you noticed food and drink options that no one is buying, it would be better to remove them. Westward Management wants you to create short, easily readable and interesting menus. It’s nice to have a signature drink for your pub as well. Ensure that you stock your bar and your kitchen well and conduct routine maintenance on all equipment.


Managing your pub involves ensuring that things will go so smoothly or go according to plans. You should be fast in addressing problems and giving solutions to them. Meet all zoning laws and licensure requirement at all times and ensure that all licenses and permits were updated. Similar to Westward Management Services Ltd, make sure to hire a dependable manager and accountant. You should listen to each feedback of your customers to determine if you’re doing well and identify the things you need to do to improve your pub. Online reviews about your pub also need your attention where you must focus on fixing any problems mentioned in those reviews. Never open your pub if you’re not ready.


Indeed, monitoring your employees is also required as an owner of a pub. Ensure that you don’t have any problems with your employees and that each of them is doing his or her job properly. See to it that none of them steals from your business, or drink while doing their jobs. Highlight to them the importance of following all the codes and laws. You should make yourself available to them in the case of any concerns. Give rewards to those who perform well in their jobs, such as awarding them with raises, bonuses or even promotions.

Don’t overspend

Keep track of your profits and expenditures, and make sure that you’re not spending more money than you’re making. You might need a system that can record your sales where you can compare your overhead with what you’re spending on employees and products. As mentioned earlier, items that weren’t selling should be removed, along with items that weren’t bringing in a profit of less than 70%. If you’re spending too much money on employee salaries, consider reducing shifts. Emergencies could happen anytime such as accidents or natural disasters, so make sure to budget money to take care of such events.

For further assistance regarding this subject, you can contact Westward Pub Holdings Management Services Ltd and they are more willing to help you.





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