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Because of its good relationship and connection to the design and engineering field which utilizes technology as an instrument in delivering modern conveniences to pool and spa facilities, Devin Consultants already made its name known to a lot of people, proving its continuing growth and good reputation as a firm that concentrates on swimming pools and spas engineering consulting. It would not be a surprise to tell that the company had also been engaged to various innovative projects that made a huge impact on certain places.

As a part of its 100th-anniversary celebration, Clongowes Wood College appoints Devin Consulting to replace its old swimming pool with a new one. It might hold a little significance to others but being assigned by one of the respected colleges in Ireland is such an honor to the company. The college trusts the solutions offered by the company along with its capability. The old swimming pool is the first indoor swimming pool in Ireland and was built in the year 1887.

Being a part of such project and contributing to the history of the college is truly remarkable for the company. Devin Consulting is thankful to the college for choosing their expertise in handling such work. For them, this is something huge since their name and contribution will be included in Clongowes Wood College’s history.

The company also finds it significant to deliver an instrument in the means of the new pool to the young Irish youths and other people from the surrounding areas, since this could help them strengthen their body and mind through competitive sports such as swimming. College life includes a lot of hardships and challenges, so this place could provide them some rest and recreation.

You can’t also help but appreciate Clongowes Wood College’s school grounds and its historical building, similar to the experience of the project engineer of Devin Consultants, Shazad Khan. He’s always in awe every time he visits the college to supervise the pool works. Renowned personalities came from the college as well including the author James Joyce, Ryanair founder Michael O Leary, and Nick Hewer of The Apprentice.

Taking great care of our cultural heritage is not a question at all since it is a great responsibility that has been passed down from generations to generations. Respecting the old is good but people should also consider the new. We should go with the flow of time and use modern tools and ideas to develop lives and institutions to their highest potentials.

The dedication of Devin Consulting is already given so you could be certain that your requests and needs will be fulfilled. They put value in making sure to improve the current facilities of every client as a part of building the future of their respective businesses.





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